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Samsung Galaxy Ring leak: 5 health-tracking features, including snore detection

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is one of the most highly anticipated tech products of 2024. Ahead of the recently announced July 10 Samsung event, AndroidAuthority claims that it unearthed some health-tracking features the new wearable may sport, including snore detection and menstrual-cycle prediction.

These reported Galaxy Ring features were discovered during an APK teardown of Samsung Health. However, until we hear directly from Samsung, we have no clue whether AndroidAuthority’s claims are accurate.

5 Samsung Galaxy Ring health-tracking features, according to new report

AndroidAuthority claims that it activated the UI of several health-focused Galaxy Ring features. According to the outlet, the Galaxy Ring can track and measure the following:

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  1. Heart rate

  2. Stress

  3. Skin temperature

  4. Menstrual cycle

  5. Snoring

AndroidAuthority says that the Galaxy Ring can detect snores by using the phone as a companion, similar to the Galaxy Watch. Plus, the phone will reportedly need to be charging and adjacent to the user.

On top of that, the tech outlet, complete with screenshots, claims that users will get the opportunity to see timestamped audio recordings of their snoring and deep breathing.

However, we hope that you have your grain of salt ready. All of this is hearsay until we get official word from Samsung.

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